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-Infinity- Recruiting only level 45s and above.
WTB> Trappers and Myrmidons!

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 APPLICATION ( Requiem) - Accepted

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PostSubject: APPLICATION ( Requiem) - Accepted   Sun Jun 14, 2009 12:46 pm

So why did i apply : 1) INFINITY actively participates in Emporia war and guild vs guild...i like these stuff... way better than guilds that focus on lvling and just lvling only . PVP FTW ! ( support for wholistic gaming !)

2) INFINITY has a forum !!! i think on ELGA only INFINTY and CELESTIAL have guild forums but since CELESTIAL ppl seemed so arrogant ( if u guys were on yday i saw a pm from one of celestial members saying they would own guild war. using a definitely very arrogant tone )

3) U guys seemed organised ..better to join an organised guild then 1 which is n ot clear of it goals or objectives

So here is my info :


IGN : Requiem

Class :BATTLEMAGE aka firing sqad

lvl : 26..almost 27

Gender : MALE

Country : Singapore

AGE :16 will be 17 this Nov

how active : weekdays maybe 3-4 hours (school,school) weekends i can be online for 6-8 + hours

definitely do guild quests! heard they were easy way to get gold

something intresting ..i love PVP (fullstop) way better then grinding in my opinion
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Pharaoh's Viziers(Advisors)
Pharaoh's Viziers(Advisors)

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PostSubject: Re: APPLICATION ( Requiem) - Accepted   Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:27 pm

Excellent app.

Welcome to Infinity.
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APPLICATION ( Requiem) - Accepted
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