Guild -Infinity-, Dragonica, Elga Server.
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-Infinity- Recruiting only level 45s and above.
WTB> Trappers and Myrmidons!

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 How to apply for -Infinity- {Please Read before Applying.}

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PostSubject: How to apply for -Infinity- {Please Read before Applying.}   Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:37 pm

Motto: To infinity and beyond ; Us Against the World; Quality, not Quantity.

NOTE: WE ARE FULL ON JESTERS & ASSASSINS. Unless you are level 40 and above, a Harlequin or a Ninja, you may not apply.

Note: Applications do not get approved overnight. For more complicated applications example guild transfers, it will require me talking to other guild officers. Please be patient and be sure all applications will be reviewed within 3 days.
If you are already in a guild, please make sure you have already left before applying.

Hello! This is a list on how you can apply for Infinity.
You can copy my application in the next tread as a base format for your application.

Please post a new forum tread to apply.

Note: You don't have to sign up for a forum account to apply.

Infinity is currently MOST actively recruiting for Emporia War, GvG (guild VS guild).
Players who are interested and confident of participating may apply.
Time for Emporia Wars: Defending our Emporia Castle weekly on GMT+8 from around 1pm - 3pm on Mondays.

  • Level 35 and above, Infinity is now only recruiting level 45s and above. ;IF, you feel that you are an exceptional player of your class, you may drop an application.
  • Active Players,
  • Sociable and Friendly players,
  • Players who are interested in PVP,
  • Players who are interested in PVE,
  • Players who are mature and sincere,
  • Doing an average of 20 guild quests a week. (Around 5 daily)

How to apply, Post your:

  • Why did you apply: ?
  • IGN(In Game Nick): ?
  • Class: ?
  • Level: ?
  • Age: ?
  • Gender: ?
  • Are you able to come online for Emporia War (Mondays GMT+8 1pm-3pm): ?
  • Have Ventrilo and a Microphone: ?

  • Is this your first guild? If not, why did you leave your last guild: ?
  • Please write a Summary of your class build(Why and What did you add): ?
  • Do you know anyone in the Guild: ?

  • Country(just to let us know more about you): ?
  • How active you are(please be honest): ?
  • Would you make an effort to do guild quests: ?
  • Something interesting about you: ?

If you are under level requirement, and you feel that you are exceptional in your class, you may apply stating why we should take you.

A kind reminder: Loyalty to guild is a very important factor as a player in any game. Guild hoppers will be kicked immediately without a re-invite.
Infinity is a guild that appreciates maturity, loyalty, and honesty more than anything else. In game and cash items are often given out and traded around freely for guild mates. Do not expect a free ride and then make a fool out of us, because eventually, you will suffer. Infinity has friendly allies in Elga. You will be blacklisted and be disliked for your unkind behaviour and actions.
Treat us fairly with love and respect and you will recieve the same in return.
The love you get is equal to the love you make.

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How to apply for -Infinity- {Please Read before Applying.}
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