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 Once a month guild quest day?

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PostSubject: Once a month guild quest day?   Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:03 am

Just a thought, but to help with leveling the guild, perhaps set a day, once a month (seocnd sunday or whatever) when poeple do all the high guild exp yeilding guild quests. Only takes a couple hours, 3 tops (takes just under 2 for me to do them solo xP ) and gives over 200 guild exp =P
Have 30+ people do that, and even once a month, will help the guild level fast.
I dunno, just a thought.

With regards to my being semi inactive (or so it may seem) over the past week or so. My net hsa been utter shit lately, so I have just been playing alt chars xP
If it's allowed, once I get them high enough, I may request to have them shifted into the guild every day, or just a few times a week or something, to do all the high guild exp yielding quests, since I'll probably have enough chars high enough to get 1k guild exp a day in a few weeks, lol. Unless of course I get a job and my net continues to get worse -_- (at my parents this week, Monday-Friday, so will be on my alts a LOT more, meh, we'll see)
If that's okay with you, Kleo, let me know by dropping me a mail either on the official forums (you know my username there) in game to Realm, or you can try PMing one of my alts, Spitz, Xiia, or Cacti.

GOGOGO Guild level 4 before Aurora!!!
(they are the guiild that's level 3 already, right o.o?)
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PostSubject: Re: Once a month guild quest day?   Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:05 am

Can't edit -_-

I would be willing to get some of the more difficult items (such as Toto Helms, Tiger Skin Pants, etc.) for people so they can get through the guild quests easier/quicker to unlock the better ones if I can get 2-3 other people qho'd be willing to do the Toto F1 runs with me to maximize the amount of drops we get per run.
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Your Pharaoh.

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PostSubject: Re: Once a month guild quest day?   Wed Jul 08, 2009 2:39 am

AGGIE why don;'t you have a forum account you silly girl.!
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PostSubject: Re: Once a month guild quest day?   

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Once a month guild quest day?
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